We are Eco-Builders,,,

We bring the latest eco-technologies for world-shaping impact

With our specialty knowledge, we search for the best options for your project, integrating proven methods that reduce cost and environmental impact ... IT IS HOW WE WORK

Small Steps Create Change.., Better energy efficiency, water saving, and better environment are the key sustainable design solutions that EcoBuild provides

We aim to Create a world where the ENVIRONMENT doesn’t need protection

EcoBuild is a multidisciplinary engineering consultant and sustainable energy solutions provider. Officially launched in the United Arab Emirates , with our HQ located in Abu Dhabi.

WHAT WE DO... We design and implement sustainable projects that address client-specific needs and provide a solid return on investment. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative technologies to provide custom designed high quality solutions.

WHO WE ARE... We are architects, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants and branded environment, sustainability and renewal energy experts. We approach design from all scales and perspectives to help building professionals implement the directives of the Rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in relation to Green Building and Environmental Standards... We strive for excellence in client service provision and sustainable value creation.

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