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New Supplier Registration

Many manufacturers are eager to demonstrate how their specific products compare to the industry norm and want to find ways to improve the environmental performance of their products.

A reliable way of assessing materials is needed, both by the specifier fulfilling a sustainability brief, and the manufacturer wanting to demonstrate a product’s environmental credentials.

To meet this need, EcoBuild developed the Environmental Profiles Scheme for FREE, which provides ongoing, independent assessment of environmental performance.

Listing Benefits

Manufacturers benefit from listing by being able to positively distinguish their products from the competition in a way that purchasers will recognize and accept. Listing also provides performance benchmarks, a greater understanding of supply chain impacts, and the opportunity to identify and correct inefficiencies and environmental impact hotspots.

The manufacturer / supplier will receive the following:

  • An environmental profile.
  • A Green Guide rating (if the product is covered in the Green Guide).
  • A report of the assessment’s findings.
  • Listing on eco-build.net.
  • Used in Data Base for ESTIDAMA, LEED, and BREEAM at EcoBuild.

Listing Request

To request a listing on ECO-BUILD PRODUCTS, please contact us here or complete the form below we will revert to you shortly.