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Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Materials

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Materials
Supplier: Exeed Glasswool LLC.
Green Compliance
  • Save energy
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Low VOC
  • Regional Material
  • Recycled & Reused
  • No smoke or no toxic gases emission

EXEED Glasswool Insulation is committed to care for the planet with the application of the new generation processes technology in production assuring lower consumption of energy. EXEED GLASSWOOL promises the paragon of performance and strives to become the benchmark of Thermal and Acoustic insulation while offering more value for money. Glass wool is non combustible and there is no emission of toxic gases when exposed to fire and thus is one of the most eco friendly options in insulation of entire building services. The GLASS WOOL Insulation has a proven experience in various applications for more than seven decades.

Glass wool is one of the Mineral Wool . Latest Technology and most advanced forming process . Lower energy consumption to produce . 60 to 70% recycled raw material . Lowest VOC . Production at hometown for UAE . Delivery / transportation within 500 KM – Made in UAE . Post production waste is Recycled and reused . Non Combustible . No smoke or no toxic gases emission . It doesn’t act as fuel to fire . Made of Natural Mineral – no decay or deterioration . Life of glass wool insulation so far proven is around 7 decades . Ideal carbon foot print . 

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