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Energy & Carbon Analysis

EcoBuild assists in the identification of leading energy efficiency technologies and community distribution strategies, as well as consultative project design, implementation and realization of carbon commodities with life-cycle cost analyses.

EcoBuild’s sustainability services include:

Energy Simulation and Modeling

EcoBuild provides energy modeling including comfort studies, HVAC simulation, risk and value assessment. CFD modeling includes Data Centers, Clean Rooms, Pollutant Dispersal and more.
Our building simulation fulfills the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. Complying with international energy standards is a prerequisite for LEED® certification and ESTIDAMA® certification.
We are proficient in many advanced building simulation analyze programs to study natural ventilation (computational fluid dynamics), daylight simulation, and thermal comfort analysis.

Energy Audit

EcoBuild conducts a comprehensive energy auditing to figure out the energy consumption pattern and methods to improve efficiency in order to recommend the exact remedial measures to save energy and cost.
Our energy audits are designed to save your money.
As a building owner, we provide you with a report summarizing the opportunities, costs, and associated paybacks and GHG reductions of individual as well as bundles of energy upgrades. This report can be used to justify capital expenditures, as well as access available energy efficiency grants and low interest loans.
Energy audits are backed by guaranteed returns and carried out by experienced energy specialist

Renewable Energy Analysis

EcoBuild provides practical renewable energy solutions such as solar (thin cell, PV), wind, geothermal, or biomass to meet the needs of an ever changing energy landscape to ensure a cleaner and more secure energy future.
Our typical renewable energy study evaluates energy efficiency, energy demand, carbon savings, capital costs, annual operating costs, pay back times, carbon emission comparisons and funding options. When specified, we will also include technology comparisons to ensure you can make an informed and easy decision that will guarantee the results you expect.


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